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Acti Labs are a paraben free and cruelty free company. They use only natural high end cosmeceutical ingredients in their skincare and makeup. Their definition of cosmeceutical products haven been scientifically proven to give specific results because of these ingredients. Which means they do not give just superficial results that general cosmetics do or even give the "appearance" of less wrinkles.

Cosmeceutical grade is of the best quality and is typically costly. However, at Crystal Haven we are buying direct from the Lab which means we are cutting out the middle man such as the online or high street shop or boutique. From the moment products are created in the Lab until the time that the customer purchases the product, the prices have increased by up to 70%. Which is a quite an increase.

Actilabs offer haircare, skincare and makeup, they even offer health products! Most of us want to be healthier, most of us want better skin, whiter teeth. the list goes on. We are in the UK USA Ireland and Canada. If you would like to join as a business the fee is just £20 and you will be paid the following week. There are no targets minimum purchases you will simply receive 20% commision into your bank each week on what you have sold. Selling these products has become very achievable so if you areinterested cllick on the link to join. Acti Labs New Join with Crystal Haven

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