Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of terms:

Your access to the website www.crystalhaven.co.uk is subject to these terms and conditions. You may not use the website for any unlawful purpose and are prohibited by these terms and conditions. By using and purchasing readings and gifts from this website you fully accept and understand the terms and conditions as set out below.

For the purpose of UK law I must state that all of Crystal Haven Readings by Louise are "For Entertainment Purposes Only". You also need to be 18 years or older to purchase any of the readings listed on this site. 

Psychic Reader Ethics of Crystal Haven Readings by Louise:

As a Reader, Louise passes on messages on what your SOUL needs to know which may or may not be in sympathy with your specific question(s). This may conflict with your pre-conceived ideas or ideals, but Louise will only pass on the truth to the best of her understanding. The readings aim to help you to take charge of your own life. You will be treated non-judgmentally with respect and empathy. Your question must be about you and your situation. Readings cannot be given about anyone other than yourself, and questions relating to a third party (e.g. such as partners, family members, colleagues, etc.) will be re-phrased.  You must make and accept responsibility for your own decisions in relation to any messages given from Louise's readings. Louise does not predict death or divorce, nor does Louise diagnose medical conditions. Professional legal, medical or financial advice will not be given.  Louise does not carry out readings to verify or contradict what another reader has said on a topic. If you have recently had a reading with someone else regarding a particular situation, please wait at least two months before ordering a reading with Louise.  All information given during a Crystal Haven reading by Louise, is given on the understanding that nothing is 100%. You have free will to change your path and outcomes.  Psychic and Clairvoyant perceptions or insights and spiritual advice given by Louise are under no circumstance meant to replace medical, legal, psychological or other professional advice or services, and professional advice should always be sought.

Please be completely assured that Louise value's your privacy and the confidential nature of your reading.  All psychic/tarot/oracle/clairvoyant readings are strictly confidential. Absolutely no personal information is given, sold, or shared with anyone.


When a fee is due, the amount will be agreed prior to the reading.  All appointments are first come, first served, however I will do my best to accommodate you wherever I can. Once your appointment is scheduled and confirmed, please respect my time as much as I do yours. While events out of our control can occur from time to time, a failure to inform me of changes and/or cancellations within 24 hours, will result in your inability to receive current or future readings.

Readings last between 15 - 60 minutes and during your reading I will endeavour to address any questions you have. The reading will not overrun this time. 

Once an appointment has been confirmed, it is the responsibility of the customer to prepare for the reading by being on time for the Face to Face Reading or Telephone, Skype/Facetime call and with a charged device to last for at least an hour. If the customer does not prepare, either by not showing, not answering a call, or not having sufficient charge on their device, they forfeit their reading. In the event of exceptional circumstances and where 24 hours notice is given, a rescheduling of the reading can be offered. If you miss your allocated time slot, I reserve the right to refuse a refund. By agreeing to these terms you accept them on the understanding that no refunds are offered or given and they are final. I reserve the right to decline or cancel a reading for whatever reason. However, If I am unable to complete the reading for any reason, you will be given a complete refund.

It is the responsibility of the client to arrange this through the Contact me link on Face to Face Readings page,  Telephone Psychic Readings page or the Skype/Facetime Psychic Readings page on this website. Thank you. Louise.