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Based right next to a church in the tiny Hamlet of Satterthwaite, within Grizedale Forest. I sit at my hand crafted wooden table each and every day listening to the ancient language of the Tarot; so that I can deliver loving messages and words of Tarot wisdom and encourgement.  Tarot is the language of the Divine.  It is one of the countless ways we speak to the Universe; a path towards joy, a compass towards happiness.  If you have never had a reading before, then perhaps you should visit me.  Throughout all the years of reading Tarot & Oracle cards, I have helped many people to overcome their troubles, anxieties, unanswered questions in order for them to to focus and implement a new found positivity into their lives. Tarot is an amazing tool, it looks at what currently surrounds you, your lifestyle, or current situations/challenges/grievances and how you can use different approaches and methods, to get you back on track. Its a subtle, yet powerful tool to help support you, whatever your reason. All in a strictly confidential and non-judgemental way.  For more information on how to make an appointment to visit me for a Face to Face Tarot Reading, please complete the form below and I shall respond with a few hours. I am always happy to help. Louise.

I was lucky enough to trial one of these Acti-Labs thermo wraps recently and surprisingly lost 7.5 inches just off my stomach! To say I am shocked is an understatement! I am so impressed with this, that I am now offering a free full wrap session with a 60-minute Tarot Reading while you relax in my studio situated between Ambleside & Ulverston (or I can come to you). To book and take advantage of this limited offer - please email me at [email protected]

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