How many items of clothing should I send?

The number of items required for each keepsake will be on the product description, once they are uploaded to this new site. Depending on the size of the clothing more or less items are needed. If there is an item you would like using most, just a little of or a particular part of the item you would like on your Keepsake (for example a badge or motif) please include a note with your clothes parcel to let me know. I will do my utmost to ensure your requests are met. 
Almost all types of fabric can be re crafted into a Keepsake. Babygrows, Vests, t-shirts and pyjamas work well. The exceptions are loosely knitted, padded and very thin/fine fabric, the nature of these materials make them hard to re craft.

Please ensure all items are clean and free from large stains and holes. I'm able to work around small stains, I know they're almost impossible to avoid with children!

What if I'd like to send more items than needed?

That's absolutely fine! I will do my best to include all the clothing you send.

How Do I get my Items to you?

On completion of payment you will receive a confirmation email with my  address for you to send your clothes. Please package them securely. I recommend you send them via recorded delivery or courier as this is the most reliable way of avoiding any loss or damage. I cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any items whilst en route to me. Any pieces of clothing that I haven't used will be returned with your Keepsake.

How long before I receive my Keepsake?

Usually you can expect your Keepsake to be back within 2-3 weeks of receiving your clothes. If for any reason this time frame changes I will be in touch let you know.

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