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Crystal Haven are always striving to support you in one way, or another and this also includes the way we look at jewellery and how we can design it to support you naturally, each and every day. 

Our ideas are not just based on the jewellery you wear, but why and how you can wear it for beneficial purposes.  We primarily look at how you can feel supported through our creations, and how it will continue, once your jewellery is delivered to you. Therefore, after years of research and qualified holistic therapy practice, we have now created the Essential Oil Diffuser collection.........


Our original bohemian style designs allow you to embrace all of the elements and benefits of crystals, and therapeutic essential oils; so that you can continue to feel supported throughout your journey in a natural way. 

Each item purchased, is complimented with a carefully selected 1ml bottle of Essential oil, so that you can experiment and benefit as soon as you receive your order. 

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