Welcome to Crystal Haven.  My name is Louise and I am based in Cumbria, overlooking the Beautiful Lake District. 

I grew up in the North East of England and moved to Cumbria with my family several years ago. This is indeed the most beautiful and magical place that I know and it is where I have built the foundations of my spiritual practice. 

 I work from a studio specifically created for Spiritual Tarot & Oracle Readings and this is where I carry out face to face consultations with clients. This is a secure, trusting and serene environment; where all who visit me, leave with positive and uplifting feelings about moving forward in their lives for whatever reason. 

I also carry out telephone readings for those in need of guidance and clarity regarding their situations and challenges. This service was set up for those who cannot visit me but can benefit equally with a reading as Divine energy is indeed all around us. 

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader and I have also been involved with Tarot and Spiritualism almost all of my life, my first memories of Clairvoyance go way back to when I was very young, around 3 years old. This is when I first experienced seeing energies and auras and have done ever since. My late Grandmother was also gifted and I was always fascinated by her cards and creativity as well as her healing abilities. 
 I became Certified as an ITEC Holistic Therapist in 1996 and I also use my holistic skills to design and create Reiki Infused Healing Jewellery and Gifts for the Home. 

Divination has always been an ongoing study for me that I shall continue ~ There is always something to learn in this life.

My ultimate aim is to uplift all those who cross my path for the highest good.

Thank you for joining me on my spiritual journey ~ I hope that I can find you peace and clarity on your journey.

Louise x

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